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Welcome to Simonds Inc., world leader of air tools for over 50 years. Manufacturing cutting, crimping and degating tools, Simonds Inc. serves the injection molding, electronics, automotive, industrial, aerospace and railway industries. The air tools we make are all designed with ergonomics in mind. This focus on ergonomics helps to substantially increase productivity, reduce injuries and lower product rejects on modern production lines.

Simonds line of air tools cut, crimp and shape wires for electronics production. Industrial strength tools cut cables, insert hinge pins and help with production line hose clamps. Degating in the injection molding industries is sped along with Simonds line of air tools with specially designed cutting jaws for plastic gates.

Simonds engineers also design special cutting tools for work that requires different openings, tighter fits and special angles. Simonds customers additionally benefit from all our tools being designed with ergonomics in mind to reduce repetitive motion disorders and for the users safety.

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